Monday, November 26, 2012

Irony, the Cruelest Mistress...

Apparently, a six year old child wrote a letter to Hasbro complaining about a "gender imbalance" in a game. 

I have the game at home and not once has any of my kids been even remotely disturbed by the number of female to male character choices. There are male, female, old, young, bearded, mustachioed, white skinned and brown skinned characters.

Thank goodness only the male characters have beards any mustaches! But I digress. 

First of all, I find it very hard to believe that a six year old child, no matter how precocious, did this without significant ghostwriting and prompting. It's a game-who cares? Get. A. Life.

The other noteworthy item is that this story has been brought to you by the "Community Team" at CBC.

Ooh, let's play Guess Who at the Community Team!

Two boys, two girls, but I'm noticing a little lack of diversity here....Meet the team, team Lilly White.

 Community Team

To summarize-"Guess Who" is more diverse than the "Community Team".