Thursday, November 15, 2012

Israel Under Fire

Today, Red Alerts are sounding in southern Tel Aviv and all over southern Israel, and apparently 30,000 reserve troops have been mobilized.

I read this article today by David Pryce-Jones, it's an excellent analysis: 

I quite agree with his conclusion:

"Taking out Jabari, Israel has drawn a line."

Infographics: Ahmed Jabari

"Token rockets, yes perhaps; a barrage, no."

"Jabari lived underground out of precaution. To have identified his whereabouts accurately and to have struck the car he was in is a feat requiring the highest levels of intelligence and technical skills."

"The pity of it is that previous Hamas leaders have deceived themselves that this strategy of violence will eliminate Israel, only to pay for such folly with their lives. Each time a master terrorist like Jabari is killed, they swear they will open the gates of hell on Israel, only to find that they are herding themselves through those very gates."

So, now the question-what can we do to help Israel. Well, of course for those who pray-pray.

For those who want to do something more concrete, I humbly offer a few suggestions.

  1. Donate to reputable Israeli charities. Many have North American offices. I would personally recommend Magen David Adom, Beit Halochem (Israeli Disabled Veterans), Keren Malki and any of the Canadian/American "Friends of" organizations that raise money for institutes of higher education in Israel. 
  2. Save your pennies and dollars and take a trip to Israel-no matter what is happening there. It's off season now. You can pick up round trip deals sometimes for under a thousand dollars from the east coast of North America. Spend money on El Al tickets, spend money at Israeli hotels and restaurants. Keep the tourism-based economy running. 
  3. Order Israeli products on line, or buy Israeli products where you live. Same idea as above-support Israeli industry. 
  4. Thank those politicians who have clearly supported Israel. It's important for them to hear from their constituencies about their public statements on Israel. 
  5. Demonstrate. There is a counter demonstration in Toronto today (Thursday) at 6:00 p.m in front of the Israeli consulate at 180 Bloor Street West, just west of Avenue Road. There will be Hamas supporters there, and there is a counter-demonstration planned. Bring Israeli and Canadian flags. 

Roger Simon wants to volunteer for the IDF. 

There is Volunteers for Israel to consider....Canadian Sar-El site here.


Check out this belligerent British journalist Jew-hater, thanks to Jawa for posting.

And it's Fauxtography time again!


Where are the Mickey Mouse in the rubble photos?