Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gaza: Living in a Different Reality

Gazans are celebrating their "victory". 

I don't think either side has "won".

The cease fire will just give Hamas a chance to re-arm and re-organize. The Israelis living in the south will continue to suffer because there is no way to stop the missiles completely from being fired from Gaza.

Netanyahu was definitely reluctant to send ground troops into Gaza and understandably so. He would not be able to justify IDF soldiers getting killed for momentary gains. I understand this.

Some IDF soldiers were not very happy with Netanyahu. Nor are many Israelis.

This spells out "Bibi is a loser" in Hebrew. The soldiers may be disciplined for this action.

Soldiers use their bodies to spell 'Bibi [is a] loser' Thursday (photo credit: screen capture/Facebook)