Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Barbara Kay Luncheon in Toronto, December 10th.

The Faculty Club at the University of Toronto Is Proud To Host A “Lunch and Learn” Event
Featuring Author and Journalist Barbara Kay.

Monday, December 10th, 2012 at 12:00 p.m


“Of Political Correctness and Pit Bulls"

From Barbara Kay:

"As Jews have always known, civilization is a fragile veneer covering dark impulses in
the human psyche. The urge to perform or witness violence requires a mechanism to
justify it. The Nazis treated Jews as vermin. Post-Holocaust, such blatant racism is not
possible. Today the strategy of choice is inversion."

"When you combine Holocaust inversion with perpetrators of violence becoming
victims, victims being scapegoated as villains, and multiculturalism, the trickledown
effect permeates every level of society. It offers an exculpatory mental paradigm for
taking vicarious pleasure in violence with moral impunity. Pit bulls, bred to kill, have
actually inspired a movement that promotes them as Holocaust-style victims. From
one pit bull advocate: "First they came for the Rottweilers, but I was not a Rottweiler

Lunch is $20.00 for Club Members, $27.00 plus tax for Non-Members.

Space is limited. 

RSVP Tel: (416) 946-7052 or