Wednesday, November 21, 2012

With Jews Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

A little while back, Blazing Cat Fur raised the ire of a local Islamic school by happening upon some school book texts that were pretty vulgar and anti-Semitic. Oddly enough, the textbooks were from Iran. I know-that’s so crazy. 

CAIR Canada was pretty ecstatic about being “exonerated”, if you can actually call it that. They joyfully found a Jew who was only too willing to apologize for the disgusting material that was being fed to the children of their community-a very stupid Jew indeed.  Here’s some background about CAIR, which Dr. Mock I’m sure couldn’t care less about.

In kinder times, I would have called this type of person a “useful idiot”. However, it occurs to me that “useful idiot” doesn’t really describe the damage that these people do in order to curry favour with the very people who despise them.  I think “complicit idiot” is much more appropriate.

Jews have plenty of external enemies to worry about. We really, really don’t need any (more) internal ones. But these leftist Jews are so pathetically attracted to the people that loathe. They cling to them like moths to a fire, unwilling to see that the fire will consume them whole.  They are simpleton, utopian idiots worshiping the false gods of liberalism and/or multiculturalism and certainly not Judaism and the G-d of Israel.

Page 111 talks about the treacherous Jews. 

Lots of other bits and pieces about the duty of jihad, etc… 

The pedagogic material traces right to Iran. Iran happens to want to use nuclear weapons to annihilate Israel.

They fund, train and arm the most vicious anti-Jewish terrorists everywhere in the world and a local community leader is a fan of the late Ayatollah Khomeni.

Yet, here we have Dr. Karen Mock’s comment to CAIR Canada: 

“Dr. Karen Mock, a human rights consultant, and past director at the Canadian Race Relations Foundation and B’nai Brith Canada argued that the school’s swift actions to respond to the concerns indicate that there was no intention to be hateful. She also urged all parties to engage in dialogue, pointing out that there was already a history of mutual respect within the Muslim and Jewish communities in the area.”

Dr. Mock, how do you feel about selling your soul-your Jewish soul to build imaginary bridges out of sand?

I’m sure you sleep perfectly well at night.

Let’s review:

Jews are treacherous, like Nazis, the curriculum comes from Iran and is supported by local Ayatollah Khomeni worshippers who revel in the history of the slaughter of the Jews of Arabia.

Dr. Mock says there was no intention to be hateful.

Who are you going to believe?

The na├»ve, publicity-seeking self-promoting bridge builder or your own lying eyes 

With Jews like these, who needs enemies? 


More on "useful idiots", who we should all start calling "complicit idiots".

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