Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Approaching a Crisis of Liberalism?

Here's an interesting piece from Forbes about President Obama's re-election and what may be an upcoming "crisis" of liberalism based on two points: fiscal and philosophical.

My question is-why are smart people so stupid?

It's clear that the author of this article and the author of the book being reviewed are very smart. How then, to explain this:

"Kesler believes the odds of the country taking the upward path have been improved by an intellectual rebirth in academia [Ed note: IS HE FOR REAL?!?!?!], which, he points out, has begun to challenge the totems of progress and relativism."

"And, although the left still dominates the institutions of higher learning, they are no longer able to obliterate the successes of free market economics, nor the failures of their own policies to ameliorate the suffering of the poor in America’s inner cities."

See-that's the uber-stupid part.

Facts are completely irrelevant to liberal fanatics.

According to them, they are doing a great job. If things haven't worked out-it's because they haven't poured enough money into it, or they just have to tweak the program a bit.

Socialism will work this time!