Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hello America-We've Come to the End of the Cake

A very good read-thanks to the Talkin Kamel for sending it my way:

"I am here to tell you that we are broke.  Not only are we broke, we are stone cold broke...Our country is broke, our cities are broke, our states are broke too – though broke might be too kind a word to explain the state of California.  We need another word Uber-broke, perhaps."


"One of the things that money hasn’t gone to is to have kids and raise kids. Most people simply can’t afford kids.  And those who can, by working two jobs, don’t see the point of having kids for strangers to raise...No one is lending to us anymore.  We’re printing money and lending to ourselvesThis is sort of like cutting off your leg and making a roastThat money is devaluing the money in every saving account throughout the land.  It’s making all of us poorer."

Terribly depressing-but accurate.

However, my prediction is-and I am loathe to say it: FOUR MORE YEARS.