Sunday, November 11, 2012

"It's been cold. Lord, have mercy."

This is the aftermath of the storm that Chris Matthews was so very happy about.

Elderly people in New York state are dying because they have no power, they can't get out of their apartments, they have no food or running water. There is no gasoline.

This is what New York voted for. This is what America voted for.  

The storm hit America on October 29th, and now, almost two weeks later, a quarter of a million people are still without power.

Americans voted for a government that encourages complete dependence on the government in good times and in times of disaster. It's not working out very well is it. 

"Another neighborhood resident, Joseph Williams, said that the home care aide who normally helps look after his 27-year-old son, who has cerebral palsy and needs a wheelchair, hasn't been able to visit since the storm. After days of trying to take care of him himself, in a flooded high-rise with no utilities, Williams gave up and carried him down seven flights, so he could be evacuated to Brooklyn."

Americans, in one of the richest states in America, are "living like animals". 

Welcome to your first few weeks of the next four years, America. The President may need an even spiffier bomber jacket when he pays his next visit to the area. 

And he should also bring a giant drool bucket for Gov. Christie as well if he goes to NJ. I think they sell those at the Obama On Line store.