Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Well Played, Jason Kenney and Canadian Friends of Haifa University


Some time to review the delightful evening spent in the company of the Honourable Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism at the Mt. Carmel dinner hosted by the Canadian Friends of Haifa University. The dinner was held this past Sunday evening in Toronto.

I'll set the stage. The hubby and I parked not far from the hotel and as we approached, I could hear the bongos beating. We took a quick look, but I didn't think that I would be very popular in that crowd so we went past the many, many security officers and headed up to the cocktail reception.

Eye Crazy was outside and his excellent post on the zombie protesters can be found here. 

Two slightly demented-seeming moron protesters, who looked like major league farbrentah shvesters, managed to get into the hotel and to the entrance to the main dining hall. They had signs that were black (oooh scary) and said something like 'Kenney dishonours Holocaust survivors'.

I did not appreciate their presence!

So, I went up to security, pointed to them and said "excuse me, these people are ruining our party" and lo and behold, the the ferbrentah shvesters were quickly ushered out by security. Of course the TV camera followed the disheveled duo, as if they had had a major impact on the evening.


There were so many incredible people there-truly the brightest lights in Canada and from so many different spheres-politics, finance, non-profit, religious leaders, activists, journalists, philanthropists-the guest list was really impressive.

The schmoozing was very high level. 

I made a new friend that night!

It was kind of cool that people came up to me and said that they enjoyed the SUN TV clip that I did with Michael Coren before the dinner. Michael was there with his lovely wife and I have to say-the SUN TV table was full of some very fine looking folks-all decked out for the evening and they looked like they were having a great time.

Here's Brian Lilley and Michael Coren doing some follow up about the dinner, talking about the mentality of the protesters and the inside environment also. 

Our table had some very interesting people and I also had a chance to meet the dignitaries from Haifa University. There was an awesome buzz in the room, and so much goodwill toward the Minister himself-on a personal and professional level.

Jason Kenney-ahem-Dr. Kenney gave a delightful and insightful speech.

He's a Catholic from Western Canada, but now he's kind of a Jewish doctor!! 

(Unreported in the news: the throngs of Bubbies and Zaidies, phoning their children and grandchildren on speed dial: "Oy, have I got a match for you-he's young, handsome, a Jewish doctor!!)

(Ahem, Dr. Kenney-relax...No briss required-just sayin...)

What kind of an awesome country do we live in?!? I mean COME ON!

Yay, Canada!

Here's a really neat thing-people clapped out of control loudly whenever Prime Minister Stephen Harper was mentioned. It did my heart good. It made me a little hopeful that there are growing numbers of Jewish Canadians who realize that this government is the best friend of Israel and the Canadian Jewish community that we could ever possibly have.

This is a government that understands the sickness of antisemitism, and the rot that it creates in the hearts of men. This is a government that understands that Israel is the new Jew, and the only real protection that the Jewish nation has against another Holocaust.

This is a government and a Minister that will have no part of the oldest hatred, or tolerance of the oldest hatred.

The applause, as I said was truly amazing, especially because I would bet a lot of those people-my people-JOOOS-were lifelong Liberal (or worse-ugh, NDP) voters for most of their lifetimes.

But that is changing. Mark my words.

There were various dignitaries on the dais, including Bob Rae.

Regretfully, I must point out that he was the only one on the dais who did not applaud when Prime Minister Harper's praises were sung. He looked tremendously uncomfortable at that stage.

Pity-in my view, when you attend these kind of events, you put on your happy face, walk the walk and clap the clap. Doing otherwise brings a petty spirit to the party. 

So, well played, Canadian Friends of Haifa University-and a special shout out to Hetty Shaprio, Executive Director. It was a pleasure to attend and like all good things, went by so quickly! Really, a night to remember.

Kol Hakavod!