Thursday, October 8, 2015

Angela Merkel is Terrifying

This childless, former communist spinster Islamophile is terrifying. 

Read the whole thing.

This is nuts:

On legitimate concerns about the Islamification of Europe, she spits in the faces of concerned citizens and says that "when someone says, 'this is not my Europe, I won't accept Muslims...' then I have to say, this is not negotiable".

Just like "settled science".

"Not negotiable."

No science can ever be "settled" and there is NOTHING that is "not negotiable" unless you are a totalitarian.

And this is also extremely creepy and delusional because fences actually work. Just ask Bibi Netanyahu.


"We can't shut the borders. If you build a fence, people will find another way. There is no such thing as stopping the arrivals," Merkel told interviewer Anne Will on her political talk show."

There is no "can't", there is just "won't".