Thursday, October 8, 2015

Strange, Suburban Jewish Mother From Canada One of Mark Steyn's "Favourites"



(Goy alert: Double entendre in Yiddish, 'schvitzing' is sweating or a steam bath, like 'taking a schvitz' and it's also bragging...)

I'm one of Mark Steyn's favourites! 

Well, that is to say that my characterization of Mark Steyn's new book is one of his favourites, but it's TOTALLY THE SAME THING, RIGHT?!? EGGGGZACCCLY! AM I RIGHT?!?!?!

(Don't answer that-thanks.) 

Check out this excellent blog post: Punching Back Twice As Hard 


"That headline comes from Instapundit's characterization of my new book, and it may be the pithiest summation, although this one from Laura Rosen Cohen is also among my favorites:

"It's not punching back twice as hard, or even thrice as hard.

It's punching back something like eleventy bazillion gazillion times as hard.

It's probably the longest, funniest, most savvily organized and meticulous "screw you" in the history of Western literature. It's probably a new genre. I don't know of any precedent for a literary vehicle of this kind."


Steyn calls it "the money quote". 

Then, he Tweeted it out, copying the great Ted Cruz and the great Instapundit. 

So, here is the mathematical equation that sums up the events of the day and bear with me because I'm not so bright... 

One Mark Steyn quoting me + using phrase 'screw you' + mentioned in same breath with Ted Cruz and Instapundit = 100% DAY MADE. 

*Waves to Steyn, Cruz and Prof. Reynolds*

*Shalom Y'all*