Friday, November 6, 2015

Steyn: Stabbers For Allah


"...don't you just ever so occasionally feel, that for all the vibrant diversity, you're just a wee bit exhausted by Islam? Islam here, Islam there, California stabbings, Swedish rapes, Lesbos refugees, Blackburn car crashes, Marseilles synagogue attacks, Russian jet explosions, Gaza menswear mannequins, on and on, day after day..."

Yes indeed,  I'm also getting a little tired of it.

But no rest for the wicked. 

And no comment from Western feminists either.

However, from the fearless Ayaayn Hirsi Ali:

"There comes a time within a single family when the voices arguing for modesty succeed in marginalizing their opponents at home. For instance, a family of nine daughters may find that seven out of nine wish to observe the rules of modesty. Life for the two sisters who resist the modesty rules becomes difficult. Sooner or later they relent."

"The same can happen in a classroom, a whole faculty or campus, a neighborhood, a village or town and then, ever so gradually, a whole society."

"What is remarkable about this stage is how effective the organized voices are against those who merely resist and after a while succumb."

"What follows is change at an astonishing speed: Those who in stage one were pleading for attention for their cause of modesty now have the upper hand. Now they occupy the self-righteous, finger-waving, head-shaking moral high ground. The adoption of Sharia and a modest outlook is no longer a personal choice or even a religious obligation best left to the believer; it is now mandatory or else! That is when you see self-appointed brigades of men patrolling the streets with sticks and whips driving women away from public squares and demanding they comply. Think of the morality police in territory controlled by ISIS or the Taliban, as well as the morality police in Saudi Arabia and Iran. Corrupt, repressive governments are pressured to adopt more and more Sharia compliant policies. Family law is the bone many of these governments throw to the wolves of Sharia."

"Once the Islamists get to this stage, a nightmare period begins for girls and women."
We are in the "sooner or later they relent stage", and proceeding like lambs to the slaughter into the "change at an astonishing speed" stage.

The West, and our "leaders" for the most part, have chosen a see no Islam, hear no Islam, speak no Islam approach.