Friday, November 6, 2015

The Most Thin Skinned President and Administration in American History


I told you this guy was going to get destroyed by the media. 

The correct answer to 'he said something about something' is SO????


Don't ever apologize. 


"Just over a year after Anthony was fired, the Anthony Cumia Network has a studio in Manhattan that hosts four shows airing live Monday to Friday, including NYC Crime Report With Pat Dixon, Legion of Skanks, and my personal favorite, The Gavin McInnes Show. The network will take any show that is interesting and/or funny, but it refuses to hire anyone who has ever apologized."

Apologies are for p*ssies. 

"This is what happens when the patriarchs are allowed to run free—nothing."

"They don’t attack blacks or Jews or treat women as second-class citizens. Piggy doesn’t get his brains smashed against the rocks when he grabs the conch shell. He says his piece and the conch shell is passed to the next person. We don’t harass or humiliate anyone. That’s boring. Instead, we focus on stimulating conversation and having a good time. That’s what we’d all do if our strings were cut."

"If you removed sexual-harassment laws and all HR departments in the country, you wouldn’t have anarchy. You’d have harmony. This is because, as we all suspected, the arbiters of political correctness aren’t rescuing the oppressed from our evil ways. They’re preventing everyone from having a good time and getting the job done. Mainstream broadcasters tried to shelf free speech, but they ended up shelving themselves in the process. What a bunch of fucking fags."