Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Another Reason to Love Donald Trump


Although no further comment is *really* necessary, I will only add that a billionaire, gentile politician who can pull of using a Yiddish term for screwing and insult Hillary Clinton at the same time deserves some kind of a freaking medal.

A medal I tell you!

I swear to G-d, I would give a kidney to accompany Donald Trump on his trip to Israel. He's got such sass. 

(NOTE: If Trump's people see this still need a highly affable, Zionist, politically conservative, history geek, fluent-in-Hebrew translator and all-round-one-woman fixer for trip, have your people call my people...)

Trump is well-deserving of the inaugural Laura Rosen Cohen Long Schlong award for political in-correctness.

I wonder if evil, seeeeekrit Joooooo Kathy Draidlebaum would help me organize an award ceremony.

As I've always promised her, she can be the person who introduces the person who introduces the person who gives the award.

Donald Trump also corners the the Best Gentile Use of a Jewish Vulgarity Award for 2015. I have watched this video about eight times already.

To be fair, Mark Steyn this year will be receiving a runner-up award for his use of 'schmuck'.

It is so very endearing to us right-wing Jew folk to have Yiddish peppered through the everyday conversations and essays of such an erudite, gentile literary luminary such as Mark Steyn, and I think we all know by now that his philosemitism goes well beyond this literary device.

I especially love that in other interviews, he went Full Donald on Hillary's bathroom trip during the debate. ("I don't wanna know about this BUTIKNOWABOUT IT AND FRANKLY ITSDISGUSTING, TRUTHFULLY...")

I love this. I can't stop watching it.