Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Trump Should Go Full Lewinsky

Personally, I think Trump should be putting Hillary Clinton, that lying pantsuited shrew, on official bimbo alert.

This article shows that a fifth of Americans were not even alive during the Clinton-Lewinsky affair. 

That means that as far as the Clintons are concerned, it didn't happen-the problem just doesn't exist.

Trump is starting to pull out the bimbo card now and it's a pretty heavy gun. All he has to do is start bringing up the names and the incidents and he'll have a lot of angry feminists and lefties clutching their pearls and a lot more attempts by the liberal media to shut him down.

If he does it right, Clinton will be forced to go instantly into defensive mode and damage control mode, big time.

Mark Steyn, in for Rush yesterday, was riffing on the two Bills: Bill Cosby and Bill Clinton and he's got something good going on there. 

Steyn suggests that there is something inherently racist about the obliteration of one Bill, and the rehabilitation of the other. It's a fantastic point, and a real mental pretzel for the left at first glance. 

But more than a question of race, it's a question of politics.

If you are a political liberal and abuse women, all is forgiven.

The political left is extremely forgiving as long as you remain on the left. There's no sexual, moral or financial sin or wrongdoing that is too great to overlook or to forgive entirely as long as you remain committed to the left.  

The left is committed to power, so as long as you are committed to the left, you're golden.

In my experience, left wing men are the most sexist and condescending pigs on the planet.

I think that they harbour a lot of seething, bottled up rage toward women, mostly because of how the feminist movement has slowly castrated them, and engaged in radical behaviour modification of boys and men for so many years (because EQUALITY).

Men like women and women like men.

If women are married to the state, then men have a diminished role in society, less fertile "hunting" grounds. They become angry, brooding, randy eunuchs, rarely escaping the pharmaceutical castration that their single mothers and female teachers started on them in grade school or kindergarten.

(Most of the crazy American shooters have been loser, under-employed, over-video gamed, young men, on "ADHD" drugs, with single mothers and no father present, and several stories have contained explicit references to them not being able to get laid, get a date or find a girlfriend-gee I wonder why.)

Anyhooo, leftist men just play along with the "feminist" charade, especially the amorous, randy, power-driven heterosexual ones. They can't keep themselves camouflaged forever-thus the "bimbo eruptions". And they know they will be forgiven for all as long as they continue to pledge allegiance to the sacred pillars of the female left and the rites of the Church of Liberalism.  

What a pathetic life.

Trump needs to blow this thing up.