Thursday, December 17, 2015

Steyn: The Hundred Million Dollar Loooooooooooser

OK, that's my headline not Steyn's.

His is more polite.

I have the clip here from Mark Steyn's spot with Sean Hannity from last night.

But let's get the important stuff out of the way up front: fabulous tie (great colour) lovely suit!

Now, what were we talking about? Hmm...nice tie, nice pocket square, good suit.

Anything else on the agenda? I think that's all the critical stuff. Let me just think...


Right right, OK now I remember, there is some kind of leadership race going on between Ted "Make Sand Glow" Cruz, Donald Trump and in Steyn's inimitable phrasing 'some 6 and a 1/2 other guys'.


OK, first watch Steyn, then listen to the Mark Levin clip below, because Cruz and Trump are surging exactly because Americans who are not crazy lefties or squishy fake conservatives are sick of being sold out by the people who are supposed to represent them.

Steyn first:

So now, lets talk about the dickless wonders of the Republican party.

Americans are clearly getting sick of being told to shut up and conform by the left and by the traitorous Republican establishment.  It's nauseating.

Here's a piece from Breitbart and Levin's clip is embedded within. It's so good, I love that he 'banned himself' from FOX. That's hysterical. 

Levin is very ballsy. I like him. Listen to the whole thing. I love his name for the WaPo, the "Washington Compost". Ha!

And here's exactly the kind of thing he's talking about.

A perfect example,  Paul Ryan's sleazy non-Republican move.

This guy is worse than useless to the Republic, he's damaging it. He's a loser.

A life-long bureaucrat and clearly an Obama fan girl.