Saturday, December 19, 2015

Steyn: This Is Islam, Drenched In Blood, Day In, Day Out.

Mark Steyn is never one to mince words.

I hope Professor Chambers enjoyed getting bitch-slapped by Mark Steyn.

This is probably the most media attention that he is going to get, ever. For that reason, I was reluctant to click, so as not to add to the esteemed professor's click count, but it was like a train wreck-I just couldn't resist it. There was a lot of DUMB in that article, boy oh boy.

Anyway, do read "The Fabric's Fading Dye". 

This part of the Jonas translation of the Faludy poem jumped out at me:

he did not taste the filth inside his bread
or see the boys who knew his poems die
or view the burning library with dread

Who among us is actually tasting the filth in our bread, and seeing the libraries burning? 

There are some individuals, but they are being told not to taste it, not to feel the heat of the fire, and not to believe their own lying eyes.

As Jonas well knows, any society that burns books burns people.

The Muslims are not the "new" Jews. 

The fact that so few people make the proper, accurate and truthful comparison is very troubling indeed.

Steyn mentioned but a few of the Jewish and Muslim victims of Muslim terrorism. In that list would be Esther and Syke Paltzur, friends of my parents who were murdered by Palestinians on a boat in Cyprus, leaving 4 orphans, and my own brother in law, David Cohen who left 2 children and a widow. 

This week, I met a Chilean Jewish woman who just immigrated to Canada. Her husband is physician. There is no Jewish future in South America. Her ancestry is Russian Jewish. Do you see what I'm getting at? I'm tired of Jews being hunted and pursued wherever they are and wherever they are from. I'm tired of Jews having to leave their homes and their lives, pack up and start over again. That woman's family fled Russia to South America, and now is fleeing South America to North America. My in laws were forced to leave Iran. My grandparents made it out of Poland, but their families didn't. 

I am tired of Jews being hunted. 

But what distinguishes me from the masses of idiot left-wing Jews is that I see Israel and the IDF as the answer, and not the problem. Assimilation is not the answer, and making kissy faces with the people who want to kill you is not the answer either. 

The answer to Jews being hunted is a strong Jewish state-stronger than any of its neighbours, very strong and proud Jewish living and very heavily armed Jews. 


Steyn will be guest-hosting Hannity's show next week on FOX, so do check it out if you a) watch TV b) have FOX and c) can stay up past 10:00 p.m EST (7:00 p.m Pacific). 

I will post clips as they become available.