Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Palestinian Explains Why Palestinians Love Baby Killers

Read it all. 

The only argument I have with this essay is that I believe that the Europeans know exactly what they are funding-there is no question that they are funding the jihad by proxy. European antisemitism is currently expressed in vigorous, religious Palestinianism, simultaneous anti-Israel hatred and a patent disregard and minimization of bodily harm to, and the murder of Jews within the continent.

Tawil describes the situation:

"It is frankly disgusting, even as a Palestinian, to see so many of my countrymen mourning and heaping praise on a man who murders babies. This show of solidarity with a baby-killer and arch-terrorist is the direct result of the ongoing incitement against Israel and Jews that takes place each day in mosques, the press and social media in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. It is precisely this non-stop incitement and indoctrination that is driving young Palestinians to take knives, run out, and stab the first Jew they meet."

"Despite what the European politicians funding them wish to think, Palestinian leaders are not educating their people for tolerance, non-violence and peace. Instead, with the money they are given by these dreamy northerners who seem to imagine the world is one big loving day-care center, they continue to poison the hearts and minds of their people through incendiary lies and the most bigoted rhetoric."

"The Europeans, who are largely bankrolling this venom, should be made to know that this is what their generosity is used for. And that this is precisely why no peace process with Israel will ever work."

I think they already know, and are perfectly comfortable with it. 

By funding the Palestinian jihadi against Jews, they no longer have to pull the trigger, and have no visible damned spots of Jewish blood directly on their hands. 

But Jewish blood on their hands there is, indeed.