Sunday, December 27, 2015

L'Chaim, To Life: The Miracle Babies of Mauthausen, 70 Years Later

L'chaim, to life. 

This is why Jews will always survive. We revere life. Life, the ability to create and sustain life and reverence of life are the most g-dly thing humans are blessed with.

"In April 1945, Priska, weighing only 70 pounds (31 kilos), delivered Hana on a table in a factory before she and 1,000 other women were deported to Auschwitz. Rachel, just as gaunt as Priska, gave birth to tiny Mark in an open coal wagon, halfway through a seemingly interminable 17-day train journey to the Austrian concentration camp of Mauthausen with hardly any food or water. Anka gave birth to Eva on a cart full of dying women as all three mothers arrived at the camp’s gates."

"Miraculously, the babies, and their mothers, survived through a combination of luck, circumstance and perseverance. None of the mothers was aware of the other’s dire situation, and none of the three surviving children knew each – believing they were the only ones to be born in the camps – until they met for the first time 65 years later."