Monday, December 21, 2015

Justice is Served

"I knew he wouldn't die of old age. I knew that his days on this earth were numbered."

This was, in the words of Smadar Haran, "historic justice". His death, via the IDF, and the death of any such a barbarian is a good thing, a just action. 

Every terrorist attack is savage. But just try to imagine living your life, having the strength to live after what happened to the Haran family. Imagine trying to get up in the morning every day after living through this:

"Danny Haran, 31, and 4-year-old Einat were murdered by Kuntar himself: He shot Danny and then bashed Einat's head with the butt of his rifle. Two-year-old Yael was accidentally smothered to death by her mother as they hid from the murderers in their home."

The savage barbarian said it was nothing personal. 

Back to the survivors, back to Smadar Haran: 

"I am the only branch left of the family that he murdered, and that branch has continued to flower, as has the city of Nahariya, which is flourishing and thriving. That is the essence of Zionism, in my view."

"Ronny Keren, Danny Haran's brother, told Israel Hayom on Sunday that "Kuntar's assassination does not take the pain away, but there is certainly a sense of satisfaction. Anyone who murders Jews must know that he will end up just like Samir Kuntar. What goes around comes around."

"We have waited for this day for many years, and now there is a sense of closure. In the Middle East, the only language that people understand is the language of violence, apparently."