Sunday, December 20, 2015

Hollywood Reporter: Tel Aviv is the New (Way Better, OMG No Comparison) "Sin City"

First of all, Las Vegas is revolting. I absolutely hated it for many reasons. It's probably one of the most depressing and disgusting places I have ever been.

I hated the faux glamour of the hotels, I found it profoundly depressing to see the masses of white whales either zombified at slot machines by 7:00 a.m and/or drinking hard alcohol in the swimming pools by 9:00 a.m. There was WAY too much flesh and there were way too many tattoos on way too much flesh.  The boobs were fake, and the proliferation of gastric band surgery billboards on the highways were just horrifying.

The Mexicans handing out porn literature/ads on the streets also made me cringe. I finally started just looking at them with a look that said "REALLY?!??!?! REALLY?!?!?!" and they looked embarrassed and kept their flyers.

Tel Aviv, on the other hand is awesome. Great people, amazing food, beaches, restaurants, cafes, and full of interesting JOOOOOOZ. 

The two main problems with Tel Aviv are the humidity (like seriously UGH) and the proportion of Jewish leftists.

Other than that-fabulous.