Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas, I'm Making Popcorn!

This is delicious.

This is Trump's warning shot to Hillary and it's a corker. He should not "re-think" anything and if he goes after Hillary it's gonna be delicious.

He is putting her on notice now.

 "I really haven't gone after Hillary yet and there's a lot to go after. She is very susceptible, I think, to -- I mean, look at the job she's done. It's horrible. It doesn't get worse. So I think it's frankly going to be easier in some cases than some of the people I am currently running against."

And as for Van Susteren snif snif sniffing that he doesn't sound 'presidential' that's really truly a wanker's argument.

President Obama made fun of retarded people at the Special Olympics. Presidential?

President Obama pulls out his "folksy" schtick every time he wants to tell a massive, lying whopper to the world. Presidential?

He stands in Paris, after yet another Islamic jihadist slaughter and talks about the weather and how there's no real threat to see here. Presidential?

He thinks that the American people feel that ISIS is a threat because of cable TV. Presidential?

I cannot wait for Trump to go after Hilary.