Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Steyn: King Canute Sets The Global Thermostat

First of all, King Canute!

I mean, for real and not for joking, who even knows about that nowadays.


Do listen to Mark Steyn this morning on the Oakley show. 

(The Bennet link is acting weird, I can't find any way to scroll, it may be that we have to wait until tomorrow to actually download the whole episode.)

In this interview, Steyn wickedly notes that Jeb Bush has spent an awful lot of money, close to $100 million dollars just to be at 3%, and that you should really spend much less money to be such a colossal loser.

The other best quip (in my not so humble opinion, because I don't do humble that well) Steyn's observation about Donald Trump, which was "if you think he's an idiot, you're gonna lose to him".

I thought that was awesome.

Actually, it reminded me if the standard Alinsky playbook (which actually Ted Cruz mentioned during the debate) where the political left declares anyone who is not on the political left "stupid". Reagan-stupid. Bush-stupid.


Only THEY can be be smart! And they are MUCH smarter than you, and know better than you how to run your life, and your money!

Conservatives only get moderately and incrementally smarter to the left, somehow, after they are dead.

It's sort of like how the political left likes dead Jews, but lives ones-especially those uppity ones living and breathing in Israel, not so much.

Cruz also had a great line that I thought would go viral, but alas, it didn't get much traction: "make sand glow".

The Oakley interview ends with a very nice plug for Steyn's new Christmas album, Feline Groovy. 

I've actually always suspected that Steyn and Marvin were Mew-ish, but hey what do I know?