Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Have Yourself A Schlongy Schteyny Christmas

Who says the Jews do not control the world.

First of all, we OWN Christmas music. Yeah, I WENT THERE.

But more importantly, this week we got some of the most powerful and interesting gentiles in the world to cuss, in Yiddish about Hillary Clinton.

That has ZOG written all over it, baby. 

It has been a very Steyny Christmas week thus far, and the week ain't over yet.

As I noted on Twitter today, Christmas came early for this Jewish mother, as Mark Steyn was kind enough to give me a shout on on his guest-hosting stint on the Rush Limbaugh show AND he spent a good part of the show talking dirty in Yiddish.

I mean seriously SHUT UP. 

Here's the quote from Steyn's Schlong of Schlongs: 

"~On today's show I quoted Laura Rosen Cohen's assessment of Jeb's "Donald Trump is a jerk" bit as an "epic beta male" moment". 

I have other Steyn miscellany here to share:

First of all, very nice interview with Alan Colmes on FOX radio.  I listened to it over my first coffee this morning and unfortunately cannot remember the mesmerizing points I wanted to make about it. Bah humbug. 

In my books, no matter what else he does or doesn't do with his political life, Rudy is a real leader and he gets a Lifetime Long Schlong Achievement Award for telling that Saudi f&ck head to shove his antisemitic cheque right up his Wahabi ass after 9/11. 

Anyway, I think the discussion about Donald Trump's comments on Muslims celebrating 9/11 in America has been very interesting and revealing to say the least. 

The left wants not just to control our present and our future, but they want to own our past as well. 

We cannot left the political left take control of history. We have already surrendered too much as it is. 

Thus, the discussion went very quickly from denial and denunciation to a question of numbers. 

When the lying liars of the left couldn't get away with their lies about "if" it happened, they went to damage control mode about numbers. Disgusting. 

This is a very good lesson about the political left and about the media. They really are both enemies of Western culture and values. 

Here's another link that discusses the fact that there were celebrations. Not "if", it happened, but that it happened, even "if" the numbers are in dispute. 

"The men and women were dancing."

Back to the SteynFest:

Here the discussion focuses on Trump, and about the "moped" idea.

A caller to Rush today said that he felt that many Americans are lying when they are asked by pollsters (who have their names and phone numbers) if they would be "embarrassed" to vote for Donald Trump, but that he's like the 'bad guy' that girls say they don't want to date, because he's "bad" but then they date him "on the sly". Anonymous internet polls apparently are more truthful.

I have to tell you it reminds me of my own personal experience during the second last municipal election in Toronto, when Rob Ford was running against the horrible, awful George Smitherman. People were sick and tired of the left, the corruption of David Miller and the nail in the coffin was a lengthy and disgusting garbage strike, and the thuggish unionized city workers had Miller eating out of their grubby union hands.

I had a very good downtown liberal friend whisper to me in my ear, and made me promise not to tell anyone that she was voting for Ford. I knew at that moment Ford was going to win.