Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Ted Cruz: Media Badass

This is a very good essay. 

Now I must note that it does pain me on a very amorous fangirl intellectual primitive SteynFrau level to see someone other than Mark Steyn referred to as the "Happy Warrior" within NRO, HOWEVER, if I recall correctly, Steyn hizzzzelf has referred to Cruz as such, so...

Stephen L. Miller:

"Whether he’s halting the debate antics of an obnoxious moderator, responding to the incoherent Twitter rant of a pop star, or debating a Hollywood actress attempting to ambush him with cameras for her own show, Cruz is proving that he’s a savvy professional with a deft ability to handle the media. For those who are eager to see just how far they can push conservative candidates — how far they can go in attempting to Palinize conservatives out of mainstream culture altogether — Cruz must come as an unpleasant shock."


Do read the whole thing, it's great.