Friday, December 25, 2015

No Rest for the Wicked....

From the ISIS Department of Fatwas: 

Organ harvesting from prisoners is totally cool:

"The fatwa sanctioning organ harvesting justifies the practice in part by drawing an analogy to cannibalism in extreme circumstances, a practice it says earlier Islamic scholars had allowed. “A group of Islamic scholars have permitted, if necessary, one to kill the apostate in order to eat his flesh, which is part of benefiting from his body,” it says."
Other helpful lessons learned:

"The group of documents reviewed by entitled "Lessons Learned From the Abu Sayyaf Raid" - show how the Islamic State has provided a legal justification to its followers for a range of practices."

"For instance, “Fatwa Number 64” dated January 29, 2015, provides detailed rules for rape, prescribing when Islamic State men can and cannot have sexual intercourse with female slaves."

Meanwhile in America: 

Just an "Arizona man". 

Nothing to see here.