Friday, December 18, 2015

The Scourge of Super Dumb, Morally Preening Liberal Dhimmi Jews - UPDATED!

It's a real problem.

A lot of liberals who were born Jewish use their Jewish birthright to show off their self-defined, self-designated moral superiority, they are the ones who "virtue signal" at every opportunity.

("Look how sensitive I am! I am a nice Jew, you will like me! We are not so bad! If you only knew us Jews, you would like us and hate would go away and everyone would eat manna from heaven all day, and cats and dogs would get along, and our cars could be driven on unicorn farts! Please love us!")

They are dangerous and a blight on the community-even if they are the "official Jews" allegedly "leading" the community. And even if they wear kippot.

Having an official title, or a lot of sway in the community doesn't mean that you have any smarts. 

Unfortunately, it usually means the exact opposite.

The Canadian Jewish community is chock full of stupid. 

Shimon Fogel should be fired. CIJA should stop pandering to the left. It's pathetic already.

Jews should not be "helping" or funding "Syrian" "migrants".

Syrian Muslims are not the "new" Jews.

Jews are the new Jews. 

The jihadists are the neo-Nazis.

Jews who fund and assist this endeavour are naive, self-centred and imbecilic at best, and at worst, will be indirectly responsible for the attacks on the Jewish community that will inevitably come as a result of their feckless actions.

And that's not an "if", it's a "when".

Too many leftist extremist who spit on their Jewish birthright by way of their political activities are unwilling to see the danger, and unable to see how obscene their comparisons are between Jewish victims of the Nazis and the current hijrah.

What's most important is they feel good about themselves! That's the main thing!

They are not like those other icky, xenophobic, Islamophobic, yucky Jews!!! They are different! They are the anointed ones. They plead LOVE ME to the people and communities that hate them. It's so sick.

These Jews are dumb and complicit. 

They have no concept of Judaism or history. 

They identify more with the enemy than with the Jewish people because it feeeeeeeels good to talk about how good they are. 

These are preening, supine dhimmis. 

Official Jewish community organizations are being hijacked by a leftist agenda, and nobody seems to care. 

Woe unto us.

And when I say "us" I refer not to the Jews only, but to the entire Western world.

Don't say you weren't warned.


From Daniel Greenfield, the last word on the subject:

"The Left's Muslim Replacement Theology For Jews" 

Seriously the best essay I have read thus far on this topic.

Read the whole thing.