Monday, December 21, 2015

"Tina Fey Is 'Opting Out' of Apologizing to the Internet"

So, she sounds pretty butch here, but I wonder how long it will actually take, on planet reality, for her to cave.

A few hours?

Before Christmas?

I would take her more seriously if she simultaneously made a joke about Mohammad, or Islam, and then said "hey, you want an apology-well bite me".

It's not exactly brave to refuse to apologize to no-name losers on the internet and ditto for offending the precious and exquisite feelings of people who are offended on behalf of special interest groups such as Native Americans.

That's a pretty soft target for comedy. It's not "brave", it's very cautious and tepid stuff.

Anyway, this is sort of like deja vu all over again, as I was pretty impressed by Amy Schumer for a few hours, as well until she caved.