Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!

I just finished watching a YouTube video with my husband on how to get the excess lint out of your clothes dryer! How's that for an exciting evening?

I really don't get out much, but that's not a bad thing. Life's pretty good. For personal reasons, it's physically very local, but through writing, and taking risks, and I guess just being me, I've made a lot of very interesting friends and acquaintances throughout the world. 

And truth be told, one of the things that I really get a kick out of is being cited by the great Mark Steyn. It never gets old! 

If you haven't read this yet, read the whole thing because "Predators For Hillary" really leaves "a Mark". It's vintage Steyn: smart, acerbic and incomparably wicked in a good way.

Steyn discusses, at length, an odd article summarizing the white Bill C's sexual proclivities. As Steyn noted earlier this week, the black Bill C. is being destroyed, while the white Bill C. is being touted as highly deserving of four more years of living in the White House. 

I actually snorted out loud at this: 

"Miss Abrams concludes:

Bill Clinton is scheduled to headline his first solo campaign events next week as he hits the stump to get voters excited for the former secretary of state's candidacy. While the Clintons are ignoring attacks by Trump and others, they are also likely hoping that Cosby does not stay in the news for too long so that voters can focus on the 42nd president's charm and not his affairs.

"I don't think dropping your pants and instructing a state employee to "kiss it", or groping the breasts of a grieving widow, or telling a woman after you've raped her twice that "you might want to put some ice on that" meets the minimum definition of an "affair". But evidently "the 42nd president's charm" still works on Abigail Abrams."

"The retreat to euphemism is most telling. The President and Mrs Clinton's marriage is an arrangement, the protection of which necessitated Hillary's enthusiastic participation in the trashing of his victims. No doubt she'd do the same if the Epstein story were ever to receive the coverage in the US papers that it's received in Britain. Which is why there are no half-measures for Donald Trump here: he has to go "the full Lewinsky" (as Laura Rosen Cohen advises) or not at all. They're going to need a lot more euphemisms."

I have to say, the fact that Mark Steyn even reads my stuff, and then cites it and links to it is really moderately arousing gratifying. 


I crack myself up a lot, but it's fun and really makes me happy to think that I bring a few laughs into the lives of others, and picturing Mark Steyn having a good chuckle over something I have cooked up really makes me smile. This life is a very strange ride indeed.  

One of the reasons I have a blog is because despite being frequently accused of having 'no filter', I only say about half of the stuff I'm actually thinking. I work really hard at damping down the running commentary in my head and picking what I can get away with and what to muffle. The blog gives me a chance to say a lot more of what I'm thinking, and I hope that it reflects a good part of my brain, but I think I'm still more fun in real life-I'm most uncensored that way. 

On the Steyn motif, I must say I was troubled to read that some of Mr. Steyn's readers are questioning the creation and plugging of the new cat album. But it was Steyn's response that troubled me even further. 

From SteynOnLine:

"Gary Pollak writes:"


You are the best. I never miss a column. Enough with the nonsensical furry cat comments. I forward almost all your articles to my friends, however, I am embarrassed to do so with these ridiculous endings. They diminish your great insight.

"Golly, I'm so sorry for your embarrassment. As you're emailing them around to your friends, perhaps you could avail yourself of the easy and convenient "Cut" button on your keyboard and simply excise the "ridiculous ending"."

"There are some things worse than embarrassment. One of them is being caught in a half-decade long multi-million-dollar lawsuit not of one's choosing in the filthy choked toilet of American "justice". As I wrote the other day:"

"Less discerning types than Snuggles have demanded to know what I'm doing releasing a cat album. Well, one reason for doing it is that I'm being sued for a sum in the high seven figures by global warming "hockey stick" inventor and self-conferred Nobel Laureate Michael E Mann, and the case is now well into its fourth year in the choked septic tank of the District of Columbia "justice" system. So one is obliged to be a little inventive just to keep oneself afloat."

Furthermore, and this really pains me to read:

"I try not to be bitter about this case, and its complete waste of my time and money - and the difference between the widespread outrage against my suit in Canada, and the near total silence this time round from conservative media in America. Self-pity is an unattractive quality, and one must stay chipper, and thus my cat album is important not just to my bottom line but to my psychological health. In the most basic sense, the "ridiculous endings" subsidize the "great insight". Without the former, there will be no more of the latter - and, if I lose this suit (or even fail to remain flush enough to fight it), it will be over for me. If you find that "embarrassing", well, I hope you never find yourself in a case that's already racked up seven-figure legal bills with the trial no nearer than it was on Day One."

So there you have it. 

It seems very obvious that this process is very much a personal punishment for Mark Steyn meant to bankrupt him financially, emotionally and ruin him professionally. 

There ought not to be media omerta on this, it's quite scandalous, and I really wonder what it would take for some momentum to be created. And perhaps if there are any legal eagles among my readership, you could offer some insight or strategy as to what (if anything) can be done to force the pace of "justice" in America. 

I really wish I could do more.