Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Steyn and Cruz: This A Fine Bromance

Nice clip from Mark Steyn's first evening covering for Sean Hannity on FOX.

It's really a pleasure listening to Ted Cruz's unapologetically conservative stance, and to talk about serving his constituents, honouring the individuals who voted for him, and the frustration of "politicians who say one thing and do another".

Cruz, if you notice, also is very comfortable and forthright discussing issues that are really very troubling to average Americans: immigration, the disgraceful (unsigned) Iran deal, the omnibus bill, the Republican mainstream selling out once again, terrorism and the Syrian refugees, etc..

It's clear to me that Ted Cruz wants to win, something that Republican career politicians do not seem to be terribly concerned about.

"Optimistic conservatism"-that's a pretty neat phrase and vision, and I think Cruz can definitely pull it off.