Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christian Bakery Owners Pay Over $135,000 in Gay Jizyah to Totalitarian Leftist Overlords

This story makes me sick. 

It should make every freedom loving individual sick.

The only antidotes to this fascism are sunshine and forcing the state to back down with incessant political pressure, and also publicly humiliating the "betters" in office by publicly forcing gay, lesbian or "trans" owned business to make cakes that show ISIS jihadists throwing gay people off buildings, or Iranian mullahs hanging gays, or Palestinians killing suspected gays.

I'd like to see the state of Oregon try to fight a hundred different cases at one time. Cakes, t-shirts, mugs, the works. I'd like to see them have to publicly force gay and/or Muslim bakeries to make cakes like the ones I just described.

This is further proof that the goal was never "equality". It was always about forcing people to have one opinion.

This is pure and unadulterated totalitarianism.

This is a disgusting abuse of power.

This is Obama's America.