Sunday, December 13, 2015

Dear Bernie Farber: Jews Are the New Jews

This is your brain on liberal extremism. 

Has Bernie Farber finally jumped the shark?

Will anyone in the Official Jewish community ever tell this guy to shut his pie hole?

Muslims are the new Jews, says Farber, who has a serious case of THE FEEEELZZZ. 

He feels the pain because his father was a Holocaust survivor, you see, and his uncle was turned away from Canada and was sent back to his death in Europe. So therefore, he feels Muslim pain.

Jewish pain, not so much. 

The jihadists of today actually bear a much more striking resemblance to Nazis than Jews.

That would make them the real "Neo" Nazis that Bernie seems to spend so much time obsessing about. However, because Farber is an extremist liberal who just happened to have born Jewish, he is willingly blind to that reality. He chooses time after time to pray at the Church of Liberalism with all its accompanying sacraments.

It takes a particularly disgraceful kind of block-headed, evil, morally obtuse and truly perverse type of moral relativism to morph Muslims into Jews in your mind. This means that you are unable and unwilling to see reality, which thereby inevitably mitigates your ability and willingness to distinguish between moral and immoral, good and evil, truth and fiction.

The whole premise is delusional, but what is even worse than his initial position is the inevitable continuation and conclusion of the premise.

According to Farber's twisted logic, if Muslims are the "new" Jews, then what does that make the Jews? I guess that makes us Jews, and all of our allies, the new Nazis!

Thus, this is an insult not "just" to Jews, but to all Canadians and Americans. Farber is spitting on the Jews and on Canada, while he trashes Donald Trump and any American who dares have a legitimate concern about Muslim immigration to the West.

Farber's contention that Muslims are the new, or real, or yesterday's Jews is really an outrageous position to take, and it's on the record-there is nothing ambiguous about it. His regular, default moral preening is terrifically annoying, but this position is beyond the pale, and certainly should disqualify him once and for all from being taken seriously by everyone except radical leftists (who will celebrate him and his "courage").

I wish the broader Jewish community would be more aware and more active of the damage he continues to do as a "former" Official Jew. It was bad enough when he worked for the community and he melded his personal leftist pet projects (Somalis, Aboriginals, chasing Holocaust deniers with magic markers) onto the official, national Jewish agenda, but he has not slowed down at all.

But tragically for him, Farber is most of all a chicken. If he had any guts at all, he would stop pathetically calling out "bully blogger", name us and engage in a public debate about the issues. He won't because he would get trounced.

He has his liberal, extremist "safe space" to retreat to, with his CBC fan girls, so why bother with reality?

So for the record, I will merely repeat: Jews are the new Jews. Now and forever.