Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Dennis Prager: Fighting Leftism

This is a nice essay from Dennis Prager, someone I admire very much.

I think that the reason Republicans do not identify the left as the enemy of America and freedom is because the party moved (quite willingly) too far to the left already.

American Republicans currently in office now are quite happy the way things are, thank you very much. They are losers who are happy losing. In fact, losing is the one thing that they are really very good at.

They socialize with the left, their children intermarry with one another, and they scratch each others' backs politically. The system works for them and certainly works for the political left.

The Republican party, if it is at all interested in winning for a change, (although I am not altogether convinced that is the case), will have to be dragged, kicking and screaming by the earlobes, back to the centre-never mind to the "right" of the political spectrum.

Republicans won't fight the left right now because they are way too comfortable letting the left run the show, the country and sadly, the free world. They have been sleepwalking through life, content to be thrown a few crumbs, to get a few invitations to dinner parties for the mere price of selling out their constituents, betraying those who voted for them and essentially selling their souls.

The Republicans basically are paying protection money to the political left.

("Nice office job, perks and federal salary you got there Mr/Mrs. Republican person in office...would be a real shame if anything happened to it...)

But selling your soul and betraying your  voters is such a small price to pay to have the political left fawn upon you,  and invite you to their birthday parties, and that is the main thing, right?

For the most part, Republicans have gotten used to enabling the left as their default position, and very few elected Republicans see it as a problem. Those who see the problem are mercilessly attacked by the MSM attack dogs and its faithful, Obama White House allies.

Trump should not be ignored.

In fact, he should be congratulated for increasing the breadth of political discussion and honest "national conversations" in America on as grand a scale as Obama has increased the American federal debt. That is to say, by at least a trillion-fold. And that's a YUGE accomplishment.

Cruz is a real conservative, principled and honest-not perfect, of course, but certainly the best hope for America at the moment, and without a doubt, the Republican's best change for winning the next federal election.

Unfortunately, it's not at all clear that that is the goal.