Monday, December 14, 2015

Mark Steyn: The Republican Party is So Good at Folding They Should Be the White House Valets (!!!!)


That's gonna leave a Mark. 

"Doesn't matter what your issue is, they'll fold. They fold on debt, on immigration, on regulation, on gay marriage, on Obamacare, on [Insert Your Issue Here]. Regardless of the merits of this or that issue, on the whole they'd rather pre-emptively surrender. And I got the definite sense from their no-show last week that for these guys global warming will be just the 173rd issue for which discretion is the better part of valor. Save your powder - for next year, next decade, whenever. If you're a Kansan, Floridian, Coloradan, South Dakotan or Alaskan and you voted because you want sanity in environmental policy, well, tough: the GOP don't dance with them what brung them, no way, no how."

Read the whole thing and especially enjoy the extra special-for-Christmas bonus Steynian "share the risk" and  Jew solidarity sections toward the end, featuring yours truly.