Sunday, December 13, 2015

Must Read Sha'i ben Takoa: Dhimmitude and Trump

Food for thought: 

"Although this journalist has not been a fan of Donald Trump, the man’s latest idea of barring the entry of Muslims into America hit a bull’s eye. The hysterical reaction by Americans of many stripes is evidence of that, but also of a terrifying reality: the growing triumph of dhimmitude in the United States."

"Dhimmis are not allowed to be negative about Islam. His critics left and right also surely know, at some level of consciousness, that to criticize Islam is to make of oneself a target for Muslims who will license themselves to kill the critic, as the staffers at Charlie Hebdo in Paris found out."

"Thus, the truly shocking aspect of Trump’s analogy was not the idea of barring Muslims but the cowardly response by Americans of not only Democrats but many Republicans and Conservatives who apparently have become obedient dhimmi to the politically correct cliché that all religions are of equal worth.

"No, they are not. Judeo-Christian civilization is superior to that of Islam."

"There are fifty-six officially Muslim states and no t one is a liberal democracy that Americans would want to live in."

"Dhimmitude is a failure of nerve and loss of pride in one’s own life of the mind, religion, society and civilization."