Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Good News and Bad News From Germany

The bad news is that Germany, under Merkel, has turned into a third-world Islamic hellhole.

The good news is that as the political left always tells us, the invasion has spawned new economic growth! Some growth industries are simply flourishing under the new, diverse citizenry!

Thus, while the immigrants themselves are not booming yet (don't worry, that will come), we can all take comfort in the fact that the fake hyman business is. 

"Business is booming for a German company marketing 'virginity' to Muslim women eager for their husbands-to-be to believe they have been chaste until their wedding day. The massive influx of refugees from mainly-Muslim countries into Germany has helped to boost sales."

"They said they deliver the product all over the world but almost all of the customers were women with a Muslim background, with business booming particularly from Muslim women living in Europe."


"The package also comes with instructions telling a woman how to pretend that she has not had sex before. It says: 'The woman needs to show pain. That is exactly what the man expects from a woman having sex for the first time."

And even sweeter!

There is a parental and in-law component.

Because the family that discusses vaginal, virginal blood and inspects post-coital stains together stays together. 

"The firm even offers to different types, one is the Virginia Care Original but has a red-brown colour aimed mainly at parents and in-laws for the day after to prove virginity. The second is with a lighter more 'fresh-blood' look to it designed to convince a suspicious new husband."