Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Thoughtful: Coping With Grief During the Holidays

Interesting take on grief and not your standard holiday cheer piece, that's for sure.

This part struck me as particularly insightful: 

"We don’t follow a neat step-by-step path until one day we arrive at acceptance, and can finally say we’ve moved on. Anyone who’s ever grieved will tell you that. Marilyn McCabe, in her book, “The Paradox of Loss,” takes the view that grief is a combination of stages and processes and is unique to each mourner. She says that while grief undergoes changes over our lifetime that doesn’t mean we won’t relive parts of it years, even decades later."

"This is because when we lose someone, we don’t really lose them. We still live with them in thought, in habit, in shared experiences, in beliefs, with all of our senses; they are still with us in every way except physically. I love McCabe’s view because it doesn’t reduce our pain to a neat and tidy formula. Rather it blows it up, making space for us to experience grief in our own personal way."

I don't think grief also should be limited to loss or death of a human. It can also be about a current or past, human experience. 

As a very wise woman that I worked with a long time ago once told me "there are somethings you never 'get over', you only can get through'.