Thursday, December 10, 2015

When Elites Just Don't Get It

"It’s telling and appropriate that Angela Merkel just won Time magazine’s Person of the Year. In Germany, Merkel has morphed into the archetype of the out-of-touch government elite, the aloof bureaucrat who puts a preferred mission above the desires of the local rubes—and who is also completely clueless about the dangerous political dynamic she’s in the process of creating."


According to the mainstream media elites in all of the Western world, the very best politicians are those who ignore the wishes of their constituencies, spit on the desires of regular citizens, scoff at the combined intelligence, experience, preferences and common sense of the citizenry and lead their countries onto suicidal paths and/or Islamic implosions in order to demonstrate said leaders' superior virtue, and their smug, liberal, sneering and preening moral superiority.