Friday, March 21, 2014

A New Free Speech Hero in America: Willie Robertson (UPDATED)

Great interview.

I love Duck Dynasty and I love the Robertsons. My son and I watch Duck Dynasty all the time.

I'm a redneck wannabe.

I guess I'm a Jewish Redneck.

Anyway-great interview here. 

"The culture war that rocked Duck Dynasty late last year pitted the reality show's patriarch against media outlets which willfully misinterpreted his comments about the gay lifestyle.

"For son Willie Robertson, the ensuing debate had one happy, happy happy side effect.

"The country started examining politically correct speech and what people can and cannot believe, he says.

"That’s precisely the kind of discussion that is healthy for the country."

"I loved it," Robertson tells Breitbart News.

And on the gayhad bullies and the corporate capitulation:

"Robertson was humbled to see how his show’s fans rallied behind them after his father's brief suspension, and he couldn't believe how quickly Cracker Barrel did a 180 after declaring it would no longer stock Duck Dynasty merchandise. He’s not sure he’s ever seen a corporation move that quickly based on a public outcry."

"Robertson notes that he bears no ill will toward A&E following the suspension imbroglio."

You gotta remember, the network greenlit a show with prayer in it,” he says.

“We sat down and resolved it fairly quickly.”

I BET!! 


Lovely family.

"Not a dry eye in the warehouse."