Thursday, March 27, 2014

UC Santa Barbara Issues Vague, Sniffy Sort of Defence of Free Speech Without Mentioning Thug Professor By Name

Via Instapundit. 

Eugene Volokh comments and quotes the whole thing.

Here's the part that really bothers me:

"The price of freedom for all to speak is that, at times, everyone will be subjected to speech and expression that we, ourselves, find offensive, hateful, vile, hurtful, provocative, and perhaps even evil. So be it! "

"Law and policy ban only an extremely narrow band of speech and expression — “yelling ‘fire!’ in a crowded theatre,” for example, and child pornography. The price we pay to speak our own minds is allowing others to speak theirs, regardless of how oppositional their views are to our own. Our Founding Fathers — all white men of privilege, some even slave owners — got it right when designing the First Amendment of the Constitution"

*See Mark Steyn's magnificent destruction of this silly, silly misconception here:

"Droning Cliches in a Burning Theatre"

"Having firmly stated my support for freedom of expression, I hasten to follow with a lesson my mother taught me when I was a small child, a lesson that has remained with me the rest of my life and that I relay to our entering students every fall at Convocation."

This is what is known as: 


"My mother taught me that just because you can say or do something doesn’t mean that you should."
"Civility plays an important role in how we choose to exercise our right to expression."

"We all have the right to say odious things, to display offensive slogans and placards, and to hurt and disrespect groups and individuals that disagree with us. The question is: should we? Should we engage in these behaviors just because we can or because they serve our political, religious, or personal agendas?"

(First of all, I would say YES, absolutely we should. but back to our main discussion...)

The lectures and demands for "civility" only flow in one direction interestingly enough. From left to right.

When I run the word "civility" through my Academic-Moonbatspeak to English translator, let's see what I get?


"Civility", that thing that only goes only from left to right and it's their way of saying shut up.

Professors can assault students because of their hurt Pornography Studies feelings about abortion.

Conservatives should shut up, and listen to this so smart egghead professor guy's mommy because CIVILITY!!!!