Friday, March 28, 2014

Good! UVA Student Assaulted By "State Alcohol Control Officers" Files Lawsuit

Pursuant to Mark Steyn's excellent post yesterday "Reading the Tea Leaves in Johnson County", another reminder of how, as I put it yesterday:

"America, I Love You But Your Police Are Out of Control."

Remember this story? I sure do: 

The UVA Student who was assaulted by "State Alcohol Control Officers" has filed a gazonga, huge lawsuit against the Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) board.




"The Virginia ABC has since said that two of the agents violated the agency’s policy, but conveniently, it won’t say what those policies were, apparently to protect the privacy of those agents’ personnel files. Think about that for a minute. Two armed government agents violently confronted and terrified a group of young women in a grocery store parking lot. The women had done nothing wrong. And yet the public isn’t permitted to know how the ABC is handling the situation internally — in order to protect the privacy of those same two government agents. So much for transparency, or for accountability."

She could have quite easily been murdered by these overzealous assholes.

And as the Washington Post reporter points out:

"There’s also the broader question of why Virginia’s alcohol regulatory agency needs armed agents in the first place. The arming of regulatory agencies is a disturbing trend, both at the state and federal level. "

"Sure, it’s possible to conceive of scenarios where it might be judicious for alcohol regulators to have armed officers around — perhaps while raiding an illegal moonshine still or busting up some black-market booze market. That’s when the ABC could call in the Virginia State Police or some other law enforcement agency for help. That, of course, would require convincing that agency why such force is necessary. When you have your own guns, you’re more likely to use them, including in situations where doing so isn’t appropriate. Like this one."