Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mazel Tov: A First For America's Oldest Man-Laying Teffilin For the First Time in 100 Years, G-d Bless Chabad

G-d bless Chabad and all the Rabbis and their families who do such holy work.

This is so beautiful!

(He's a landsmann-my family has roots in Chestechowa, Poland-I've been there!)

G-d bless Rabbi Pinny Marozov, co-director of Chabad of Coney Island in Brooklyn, N.Y., and his wife, Chaya.


One mitzvah pulls another mitzvah along with it.

I'm totally verklempt.

"Marozov said he didn’t think Imich had put on tefillin since his Bar Mitzvah—nearly 100 years ago—in Czestochowa, Poland."

"The rabbi returned for another visit once Imich was back home. While there, Marozov helped Imich put on tefillin once again and also affixed a mezuzah to the door leading into Imich’s apartment, where he has lived—these days, alone—since 1965."

“He was very happy to see me,” said Marozov, adding that Imich was alert, and able to see and walk on his own. “It didn’t seem like a rabbi had ever visited him in his home or made any contact before. I know it meant a lot to him,” said the rabbi."

"The rabbi said the older man simply lit up when the tefillin was wrapped and the mezuzah hung."

“It was beautiful when he recited the Shema prayer, which he knew by heart,” said Marozov. “It brought up a spark from deep inside him.”

"Other sparks ignited from there. On that visit, Marozov invited Beth Sarafraz—a reporter from The Jewish Press, based in Brooklyn—to come along with him, and a full story on Imich was printed in the Feb. 28 edition. It got tremendous feedback. Readers learned of his situation and hastened to help: two days later, Imich had replacement hearing aids, home attendants to support his recovery and many new visitors. "