Monday, March 31, 2014

Lone Wolf Alert! Big Problem Alert!

From Ed Driscoll via evil seeeekrit Joooo Kathy Draidle:

"This didn't happen in the Middle East..."

He stabbed her 14 times, then called emergency services to report he had a 'problem with his wife'.

Small problem! 

The problem wife! She was very problematic!

"The man claims in court he was provoked by his wife questioning his manhood. The court accepts this, reducing his charge from murder to manslaughter and sentencing him to just nine years in prison."


Which is the bigger problem?

The problem wife who had the nerve to question!! The nerve to both question his manhood and then she had the nerve to be stabbed 14 times! That uppity broad! That problem wife should have just killed herself or something. She made her husband do it! She was a problem wife. Stabbed 14 times, problem solved!

Or is the bigger problem the exquisitely sensitive, and wickedly evil and suicidal deference to sharia in English-speaking democracies?