Sunday, March 30, 2014

Jews Not Welcome on Campus, This Road Leads to Anarchy

So this is what is happening on British campuses. 

And Caroline Glick has an outstanding essay this week in the Jerusalem Post that summarizes the anti-Jewish climate on North American university campuses.

That's the only kind of climate change activism I could get behind:

Changing the antisemitic climate on campus. Not "please like us, please please we Jews are so nice" kind of activism. That's for p*ssies.

I'm talking about forcing administrators to curtail outright harassment, and curbing the rights of Jewish students on campus. There are a few examples in Glick's piece.

Read the whole thing: "Campus Brownshirts Rising".

This is an important piece.

It highlights some of the more egregious campuses in North America in terms of their anti-Jewish activists, but more importantly, it shows the importance of fighting back and using legal means when necessary to force the administrators on campus to stop sanctioning antisemitism on campus.

It's not just faculty that are left and anti-Israel. It's clear that the administrators are as much of-if not more-of a problem than the faculty.

And as Glick rightly points out-this is not "just" a Jewish problem.

Where anti-semtism is allowed to thrive, a climate of recklessness, lawlessness and anti-rationalism reigns supreme.

I do not believe in "fighting" antisemitism. But I sure as hell do believe in fighting back when Jews are threatened and intimidated on campus, and their rights are violated.

Nobody has to like Jews, but nobody should be allowed to go unpunished when the basic rights of Jews, or any other student, are consistently violated on a university or college campus.

Where are all the "safe space" morons now? 

Does "safe" space only apply to some groups and not to others? Clearly that is the case.

Meanwhile, at Queen's University, Professor Janice Fiamengo was once again abused just for her thoughts about men's equality. 

A student feminist activist was allegedly attacked 

(I wonder if this is a real 'hate crime' or a faux 'hate crime', I don't believe in the term 'hate crime' at all. There is just CRIME CRIME. I mean if there are hate crimes, where are the love crimes? The [insert other emotive] crimes as well?

So there is a lack of civility on campus in general.

But I hear that Prof. Fiamengo's talk at the University of Ottawa was completely shut down by protestors. And the U of O has, of course, a dismal record on free speech-so this is not surprising.

If anyone has a link, please send it to me-I only have anecdotal evidence through friends right now.

If it was shut down, then it really is like I said last week:

"Security" is the new "shut up". 

Shame on the administrators that allow uncivilized, barbaric behavior on campus.

They are disgusting enablers.

They may think it's cute right now to enable this behaviour toward the Jewish students, but the mob is never satisfied.

So it goes from the Jews, to the conservatives, then to the less conservative, and then the non-Jews, and so on.

These administrators are enabling a path that enables the disruption and dissembling of civilized society.

Shame on them.  They need to be called on it and legal means must be used whenever necessary.

Do not bring a plea for civility to the mob.

Bring in the lawyers and force their enabling, disgusting, cowardly hands.

That's called fighting back and it works.