Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Best Story of the Day (So Far): Awesome Edmonton Dad Helps Autistic Son Start Business Assembling IKEA and Other Furniture

I never cease to be humbled by parents of disabled children. 

Their love and their innovation is an example on earth of G-d's grace.

This is fantastic.

"The next time you are cursing the assembly instructions for an IKEA desk or bookshelf, you will wish you were living in Edmonton."

"Residents in the Alberta capital can hire Brad Fremmerlid, a 24-year-old man with severe autism who can build anything."

"Although he doesn’t read or speak, Fremmerlid has an amazing ability to understand the most complex diagrams, blueprints and pictorial instructions."

"And for a small fee — currently about $20 — he will build any piece of furniture in your home."

“Everyone tells us we should be charging more, but we’re not really looking for money,” said his father, Mark Fremmerlid, an air ambulance pilot, who launched the business for his son this month.

“We just want him to have something meaningful to do."

Any of my readers who live in Edmonton who need help assembling stuff-you know what to do!!!

This could TOTALLY be franchised!

Spread the word!