Monday, March 24, 2014

"Scott's Suicide Reveals Tragic Side of City's Glitzy Scene"

This is, of course a man-made (woman-made) "tragedy".

It's not a tragedy actually.

It's a product of personal choices. 

There's nothing glamorous about idolatry and trying to buy stuff to make yourself happy.

There is nothing you can buy that will make you happy.

Yes, it's better to have money (that you made) than not. But buying stuff, and more stuff, making a bigger extension on your house, a fancier car, a better safari, a more expensive cruise-none of this stuff will make you happy.

You can buy comfort, but you can't buy happy.

"Glitz" is bullshit. 

I pity the emptiness of these lives.

But it's not really my problem.

This "tragedy" gets filed in the little compartment in my brain that feels sorry for people with no meaning and purpose to their lives.