Thursday, March 27, 2014

Must Read: Steyn-Reading the Tea Leaves in Johnson County

You must take a read of this latest piece from Mark Steyn:

Reading the Tea Leaves in Johnson County

He tells some horrifying tales from the over-militarized police of America where you can get killed by a SWAT team for the crime of drinking tea!

But even scarier is some Rosen chick he quotes in the article. Geez. Who is that strange lady?!?!

"In US law-enforcement culture, it's "the right thing" to shoot some senior reaching for his walking stick, and to shoot a mentally confused hobo, and a nonagenarian who doesn't want to take his pills. It would likewise have been "the right thing" to shoot Mr Harte if he'd been a little too slow dropping to the broadloom in Leawood, Kansas. In what circumstances isn't it "the right thing" to shoot the citizenry?"

"I really don't want my daughter shot for having "wet plant material" in her tea cup. So I would like America's police culture to be de-militarized. That will take some doing."

"This subject is much on my mind. Just moments ago, one of my employees had her case dismissed by the court after a small-town cop stopped her for no reason and illegally seized her in violation of her Fourth Amendment rights and much else. She is a placid rural mom who was driving her kids home from school. But it's easy to see how, if she'd been a confused gram'pa or a sullen teen, the illegal seizure could, in a split-second, have escalated into something more fatal."

"When the police can't visit an assisted-living facility or a homeless man's campfire without leaving a body count, they're doing it wrong."

Steyn's final note:

"Final thought: What a shame all the impressive firepower available for old folks' homes and tea-leaf raids wasn't on hand at, say, the US diplomatic compound in Benghazi."


Actually if anyone really wants to focus world and media attention on a problem, all they really have to do is either criticize John Kerry or build an apartment in Jerusalem. Problem solved!