Thursday, March 27, 2014

Italian Public Schools Mandate Gay ("Diversity Training") Re-Education Camps For School Children, Plus Styen on Gays & Ghaith

It's pretty shocking to me that this crap is happening, and being mandated where Catholicism should be most strongly represented, like HELLO, ITALY?



So, I'm in full agreement with this fellow, Genoa Cardinal Angelo Bagnasc:

Parents must defend their children against gender ideology,” he insisted."

"He called the right of parents to educate their children “sacrosanct” and said it is a “grave duty of society - at all levels and forms - not to corrupt the youth with ideas and examples that no father and mother would want for their children.”

"...Bagnasco also decried the habit of the media and the government of blaming the family for a variety of social ills."

It is striking that the family is often represented as a scapegoat,” he said, “as the source of the evils of our time, rather than the defense of universal humanity and the best guarantee of social continuity.” 

"He called the family the “nursery of the natural good of humanity and a just society.”

And that, my friends is what it's about. The dismantling of the family. The total and utter destruction of the family on every front.

It is the law,” Cattano added, “that it is no longer enough to be just ‘gay friendly’ but you must be ‘gay-informed.’

MORE HERE FROM MARK STEYN, read Gays & Ghaith.


"These days, gays are too busy parenting and being Congregational Church ministers to have any sex. They leave that to you heterosexuals, who, as the term suggests, are obsessed with it. During the 

"Duck Dynasty" brouhaha, the GLAAD enforcers, outlining the terms of re-education camp to Phil Robertson, put it this way:

"We believe the next step is to use this as an opportunity for Phil to sit down with gay families in Louisiana and learn about their lives and the values they share," the spokesman said.

"Phil Robertson never said a word about "gay families", gay parenting, gay housekeeping, gay carpooling, gay churchgoing, gay recycling, gay Little Leaguing or anything else. Instead, he confined himself to the observation that he personally found a woman's vagina "more desirable than a man's anus"."

"But apparently it's totally homophobic to suggest that gays occasionally take time out of their hectic schedule of gay soccer-coaching to enjoy anal sex. Professor Lakoff is right: We are witnessing the de-sexualization of homosexuality."

For the left and all their pet causes, there is never just politely 'agree to disagree'.

One cannot even agree to keep silent.

You must be an active cheerleader for all the things you find disruptive, repelling, and against your religious beliefs.

If you are not an active cheerleader and participant in the dismantling of traditional society, you are the enemy. 

There is no "agree to disagree' on any of these fronts.

And any conservative who thinks that it is enough to shut up, that they will really, really like us if we pretend not to be bothered by their choices, or that if we just give in to this little thing or that, that they will go away...any conservative who thinks this way is sadly delusional and complicit.

Remember our friend, the Italian Cardinal:

“It is the law,” Cattano added, “that it is no longer enough to be just ‘gay friendly’ but you must be ‘gay-informed.’

It goes beyond that.

It is no longer enough to 'tolerate' because that is not what is being demanded. 

And there is no end in sight.