Monday, March 31, 2014

Ottawa Federal Employee And Partner Sentenced For Child Pornography

Why do these people get to keep their jobs? 

One is employed by the Canadian taxpayer! He is a federal government employee!

And why would McAfee want a convicted child pornographer on their payroll?

"A victim-impact statement, which the Citizen reported the mom was too upset to read in court, described how her son is now terrified to use public restrooms and her fears that her son will now see all homosexual men as pedophiles."

"In passing the sentence, Ontario Court Justice Célynne Dorval said, "Making use of a friend to capture images of her son, one can't really overemphasize the degree of the human breach of trust that entails."

"The judge suggested that Dignan must have been "desperate" to do what he did."


Why is the mainstream Canadian media MUTE on this story?

Why didn't police do more if:

"Eric Charron had already been the focus of police investigation after his name came up on a customer database obtained in a Toronto police operation dubbed Project Spade that raided the offices of Azov Films, a major international child porn distributor, in May 2011."

Wasn't that when Ben Levin (who has disappeared off the face of the earth) was also arrested?