Friday, March 28, 2014

Even Orthodox Jews Living On Settlements Can Be Totally Naive Bleeding Hearts

Yes. It is a fact.

Even Orthodox Jews who are "settlers" start to believe in this peace and harmony, hopey, changey "outreach" stuff..

My problem with this "outreach" for "understanding" is that it's never reciprocal. 

We never hear of the kick-ass Palestinian doctor "reaching out" to Jews, bringing them medical care or anything of that nature. It's only one way. From Jews, who just appear to be begging "like us, like us, we're so nice" toward the Palestinians. 

And unfortunately, even Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, who writes some wonderful Torah commentary and is the chief Rabbi of Efrat, cannot recognize the reality of where he lives.

"Establishing a regional clinic to treat Palestinians was the brainchild of Efrat’s Rabbi Shlomo Riskin. In the mid-1980s, the Mukhtar (village head) of the nearby village of Beit Fajjar told Riskin he was interested in such a center, and Riskin promptly raised the funds from Danny Abraham, an American-Jewish philanthropist he knew."

“I realized that it was very important to have a medical center,” Riskin, who moved to newly founded Efrat in 1983 along with many of his congregants at New York’s Lincoln Square Synagogue, told The Times of Israel.

But one day I got a note from [the mukhtar] saying that we have to stop talking to each other because it’s dangerous. The day after I got the note, he was found naked hanging from a tree, with his genitals cut off. That’s when I realized where I’m living,” Riskin said. 

“I understood I was playing with fire.”

Correct. That is savage.
The horrible part is that these Jews think it can't happen to them. 

They are so nice! 

They are so special! 

They sip sweet mint tea with the villagers! They know them by name!

These Jews are dangerously naive.